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Book A PITCH Session
1:1 mentorship

Pitch Your Business

1:1 mentorship


Do YOU have what it takes as a Founder to take your business to the next level? 

Are you stuck or don't know what to do and need real useful solid advice?


We understand that helping businesses thrive starts with having the initial capital and advice to get off the ground in the first place. Everything from inventory, equipment, and whatever else you need for your start-up.


You know too well that It takes money to make money. And in the early stages of a budding business, the groundwork is crucial.


Maybe you have some money to start, but not enough to keep your business going. Having something extra would be a game-changer. Without the help needed, it’s wasted potential.


That’s where this pitching session could radically change your life.


Here’s how it works: You get a twenty-five minute pitching session to tell us about your business or ask us anything to help your business grow.


If your pitch is successful, you may receive $1k - $25k of CaJE’s personal wealth to help your business grow on level ground and thrive to a multi-million dollar company. 


Imagine how your business could grow with the right groundwork and help


So what are you waiting for? All that stands between you and your dreams is a single click. 

Prefer in-person? We've started a conversational dinner series for a select group of twenty Black Women each month.

Apply to be considered for an invite >

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