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About Us

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Crystal Etienne is the Founder + CEO of Ruby Love - a Period Swimwear and Underwear company. In 2016 she created Ruby Love (previously known as Panty Prop) from her own frustration with a sanitary pad, and was able to bootstrap the business within 2 years to over $10M. In 2021 the company became a $50M+ brand under her direction, and no-one in the tech industry knew or cared that a Black woman built a big brand, in a new category, with very little funding or help. She felt “cajed” many times, but overcame every obstacle.


Jean Etienne is the Director of Fulfillment and Crystal’s husband. Jean was running his own transportation and delivery business when Crystal asked him to join the company as the Head of Fulfillment and Warehousing. Jean, also knowing the “cajed”-in feeling that a business can bring has the strong desire to help black women build generational wealth much faster and smarter through sound advice.


Together, as a married couple, Crystal and Jean have mastered the system and formula to be successful and work as partners to build an aggressive and scalable business. Crystal and Jean have decided that their wealth of capital and wealth of knowledge can help other early-stage startups get to the winning side.

& goal

CaJE invests in women led early-stage businesses who need a quick and simple “Yes” to capital to get to the next level through bootstrapping, and/ or to qualify for pre-seed or seed level financing from venture capital funds at a later date and the right time.


Our mission is to create a new category of capital called “Soil”. CaJE capital is prior to pre-seed.  It is that exact moment, after the idea and a complete concept, when a woman feels “CAJED” (pronounced "CAJE") in her scalable business idea and don’t know what to do next.


We provide capital to black women who have an idea and vigorous business.

We educate the realities of raising funds and provide a path to build wealth through idea and business development.

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